Put it in Your Pocket booklets

Do you want to learn about the ancient gods of Greece, her myths and legends? Or are you wanting to improve your reading skills in learning English?

I've just recently returned from Greece where, to my surprise, I learned from a Greek woman on duty at a museum that she had been doing an Open University degree in English and had used my Put it in Your Pocket booklets for her reading exercises. Good news!

Created with the idea of providing information in a readable and concise format, these passport sized booklets I'm pleased to say are becoming popular with tourists, schools and universities.

Put it in your Pocket booklets on Greek myths, legends and Gods will tell you about Greece's ancient past. There are three categories. 12 on the Greek Islands, 6 on Sacred Sites on the mainland and 6 Trojan war stories.

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Jill Dudley - Author
Jill Dudley - The author

Greek Islands  (12)


Learn about the island's greatest citizen, the blind bard Homer, author of the Iliad and the Odyssey; find out about the ancient sanctuary sites on Chios, and how local tradition has it the beautiful Helen herself once visited


Read why and how Theseus killed the Minotaur then sailed away with the king's daughter Ariadne. Find out too about the birth of the supreme god Zeus in the Diktaion cave, and why his nativity was kept a secret from his father.


Learn why Leto gave birth to Apollo on the island, and what happened following his birth. Read about the sanctuaries of the gods there, why Theseus visited the island , and why it caused a stay of execution for the condemned Socrates in Athens.


Read about Odysseus' numerous adventures on his journey home to Ithaka following the Trojan War. Learn about the sites familiar to him on the island, and how, after twenty years absence, he had to prove his identity to his wife Penelope, and his now adult son Telemachus.


Learn about Asclepius, god of healing, and his great sanctuary site on Kos. Find out about Hippocrates' scientific approach to medicine, his fight against superstition, and the Hippocratic Oath.


You can find out all you need to know about the lives and deaths of the lyric poetess Sappho, and the wonderful singer Orpheus whose love for his wife Eurydice took him down to Hades. Read about why his decapitated head, still singing, ended up on Lesbos


After killing the Minotaur Theseus sailed away to Naxos with Ariadne, the king's daughter. There they lived happily until Dionysos, god of wine and drama spied Ariadne. Learn about what happened next.


It was not easy for St. John to win the pagan faithful over to the Christian faith. Read about the great temple of Artemis on the island where the monastery now stands, about the miracles which occured in the name of Christianity, and how the voice of God came to St. John in a cave and the Book of Revelation was written down.


Learn why the sun-god Helios was given the island of Rhodes, and why the Colossus was created. Read also about the other pagan gods who were worshipped on the island until the arrival of St. Paul.


Learn abaout the renowned mystic, astronomer and mathematician who was born in Samos, and how Apollo was said to be his father. Read about his many journeys and how he met the Old Testament prophet Daniel. Find out why he had to flee from the authorities to live in a cave with his students. Find out also about the great sanctuary of the goddess Hera on the island.


Learn why the inhabitants of the island angered Poseidon, god of the sea and earthquakes, so that he caused a great eruption and the island sank in on itself leaving what we see of it today. Read about the other small islands once attached to Santorini, and learn about the oldest city which existed at the time of the disaster.


Here you can find out the history of the icon of the Virgin Mary, thought to have been painted by St. Luke. Read how it was lost and found, and how its miraculous powers of healing bring the sick and disabled flocking to the island seeking a cure for their ailments, many coming on their hands and knees from the port.

Sacred Sites  (6)


This booklet describes the birth of the goddess Athena, and how she became the ruling goddess of the city. Read about her earliest temple , her great annual festival, and how Christianity finally took over.


Read about St. Paul's time in Corinth, the many prostitutes who served the goddess Aphrodite, and why St. Paul felt the need to write his Epistle to the Corinthians warning them against promiscuity.


Read how Apollo first claimed his sanctuary site, and about its rituals. Learn about some of the oracular pronouncements, and the prediction of its own demise with the coming of Christianity. Learn also about the 'Omphalos', the navel of the world.


Find out about the founding of the sanctuary of Demeter after the loss of her daughter to Hades. Read about her sacred rights, her Greater Mysteries and how in the Christian era she was given the role of a Christian saint.


Read about the founding of this famous sanctuary of Asclepius, god of healing. Learn about the god's methods of healing, the miracles performed in his name, and the site's great theatre and its festivals.


Learn about the founding of the four-yearly Olympic games, about the gods worshipped at the site, the contests and award ceremonies, and how the early Christians saw them as a pagan abomination and closed them down.

Trojan War Stories (6)


Find out who Achilles was and why he had a vulnerable heel. Read about his anger in the Trojan War and why he would not fight. Discover what made him take up arms again, his ruthlessness and his compassion, and how he died.

King Agamemnon

Read about the curse of the house of Atreus, and discover why, when his brother's wife Helen ran off, Agamemnon became the Greek army's commander-in-chief. Discover why he had to sacrifice his daughter, the reason why he fell out with Achilles, and why on his return home he was murdered by his wife.


Learn about the beautiful Helen, wife of King Menelaus, whose passion for Prince Paris of Troy triggered the Trojan War. Read about her true parentage and why it was said she was hatched from an egg. Find out why the Greek army set out to recover her, what happened after Paris was killed, and how she returned with King Menelaus to Sparta.

Judgement of Paris

Read about the wedding of Achilles' parents, and what caused the Trojan War. Discover the fatal part Aphrodite, goddess of love, played before, during and at the conclusion of the war, and how Thetis, Achilles' mother, came to console and help her son whenever he called on her divine help.


Find out about the warrior's daring exploits in the Trojan War, followed by the god Poseidon's anger, and Odysseus' courage and endurance on his ten-year voyage home.

Discover how the goddess Athena finally helped reunite him with his faithful wife Penelope and his now adult son.

The Wooden Horse

Read how the Wooden Horse brought about the final fall of Troy, and learn about the courage of the Greek spy Sinon.

Find out about divine intervention, the undoubted heroism of the Greek warriors, and the final recovery of Helen.